We specialize in management training and development of personnel. We have a reputation of producing measurable improvements in profits, sales, customer satisfaction and employee productivity. The majority of our business involves automotive retail and wholesale training. We have designed and delivered literally hundreds of hours of training for thousands of dealership personnel.

Training Products

  • Management courses ranging from financial analysis to communications
  • Instructional design
  • Training facilitation
  • Dealership process consulting
  • Training trainers

Guiding Principals

  • Our courses are delivered based on the needs of the client, the audience and the topic. The key to our success is customization. One size does not fit all when it comes to achieving business goals.
  • Success comes in many ways and only by working with all types of companies can you find new solutions to old problems.
  • We believe in blended learning solutions in order to deliver the most content in the least amount of time away from the job. We have experience conducting live seminars as well as distance learning and computer based courses.
  • One of our favorite sayings is "Insanity is to continue doing things the way they have always been done and expect a different result." We believe that the only way to learn new approaches is to look outside of the current situation to related industries to find new and different approaches.
  • We are not public speakers - we don't just tell participants what to do. We insist that participants are actively engaged and participate in learning.
  • The bottom line is this; training must be directly linked to the desired performance outcome. We don't deliver training that isn't geared to a specific change that will lead to a return on the client's investment.
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