Marketing Research

Market Assessments

Custom Programs has performed dozens of market assessments for dealership service marketing, gathering valuable market intelligence in metro areas around the country on behalf of OEM clients.

Survey Design, Development, & Implementation

Custom Programs can help you develop a company-centric or comsumer-oriented survey to meet your research goals.

Focus Group Facilitation

Custom Programs has experience in designing, assembling, and facilitating focus groups for marketing research. Focus groups were used to determine the need for and develop the trademark of the InteliChek competitive shopping service.


Custom Programs' experienced telemarketers can conduct phone surveys, and we can facilitate interviews at our office. Online survey design is also available.

Tabulation, Analysis, and Reporting

Custom Programs collects a large amount of data through its competitive market assessments. Making that data useful is what keeps Custom Programs ahead of its competitors in the mystery shopping industry - we'll put together reports tailored to your needs to analyze the metrics most important to your business, and present them in a pleasing, easy-to-read printed or electronic format.

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